Torrad Finnvidsson

This Uthgardt Barbarian is a member of the Ghost Tree Tribe


Torrad is a big man. Torrad the Bear, some call him. Undeniably Uthgart in his features, appearance, and demeanor, Torrad is the embodiment of what you might expect when encountering a north man in the bleak expanse of Icewind Dale.


Your clansmen are your family. You hunt with them. You fight with them. You drink with them. Their glory is your glory. That is what it is to be Uthgardt. I was born of the Tree Ghost Tribe, always searching for our Grandfather tree.

A group of us were traveling, searching, when we came upon a small, sheltered valley we did not recognize. We entered, thinking to perhaps camp there while we searched the rest of the area. Little did we know what had made the valley it’s home. The white worm – a Remorhaz, in Uthgardt – surprised us as we were setting up camp. Many perished when it attacked.

A few of us warriors stepped forward to occupy the beast as the women and children fled. We could not hope to defeat it, but perhaps if we could buy a few seconds for our brethren to escape…. We steeled ourselves to stand before the worm.

Together, we began singing our song of battle as we formed our shieldwall. I thought to myself: Uthgar would be proud. This was a good death. A glorious death. I shall awake within Uthgar’s meadhall, to sing songs and drink and wench with my forefathers. This is as it should be

Then, we charged…

Torrad Finnvidsson

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