Character Creation

Character Creation highlights

*You may play any class from officially published D&D sources. Classes from Unearthed Arcana are subject to review. 
*You may play any race from officially published D&D sources. Races from Unearthed Arcana are subject to review. The Human variant from the PHB is available as an option. 
*Ability scores should be generated using the D&D standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8). 
*Characters should start at 3rd level.
*Characters should start with no equipment, gear, or gold.
*Characters should begin the game with Max HP at level 1. 
*Alignment: Newly created characters must posses an alignment within one step of the Party Alignment.
*Traits, Ideals, and Flaws – feel free to select these as you wish
*Bond – leave this open for the time being. 
*No XP will be used. The GM will notify players that their characters have attained a new level at appropriate milestones during the game.

Hit Point Rules

Characters receive Maximum HP at level 1.

For each additional level, characters receive HP according to the average for their appropriate hit die:

d6 = 4
d8 = 5
d10 = 6
d12 = 7

If you have questions on this, ask.


No class is excluded. However, some classes will function differently as a result of the world, and some may or may not change over time as a result of player decisions. The classes impacted are those granted spells as a result of divine power. As it stands currently, clerics, druids, paladins, rangers receive no spells. Unearthed Arcana subclasses that rely on divinity are also neutered as a result. With that said, the story and role playing could still be very rewarding.

Play them at your own risk.

Character Creation

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