House Rules


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Shared World

“We are building a story together. You can make assumptions about the situations and encounters your characters are in and my job is to go along with whatever you’re assuming unless it directly contradicts something that was already established.“ 

This should have the effect of the players stop asking the DM for trivial information. If they’re in an inn, they assume there are sharp knives nearby if they need one. If they’re in a mansion, they assume there is a expensive art pieces and tapestries if that’s needed for their next smart surprise move to work. Whenever they need something from their environment, players are now free to add to the world, build the story, and move the plot forward without having to double-check minor details with the DM.

Being a good role player

Here’s an awesome article on the subject: Eleven ways to be a better roleplayer

Major  Group Tenants

So we are all on the same page, here are the expectations we have for everyone involved in the game. If you consistently show you are unable or unwilling to meet them, then you’ll probably be asked to leave. Fair warning.

  1. Be Cool The most important one. It’s a game; we all want to have fun. Make sure your fun doesn’t take away from someone else’s fun. 
  2. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Coordinating everyone is a thankless and sucky job. We have a set time and schedule, and it doesn’t change on a whim. 
  3. Do or do not, there is no try. Participation is key to this game. Can’t make a session? It’s cool, we all have lives / families / jobs / cults that we do stuff with when we are not gaming. But we expect you to contribute. If you simply show up, you’ll get to enjoy the adventure as presented to everyone. But really participate – help drive decisions, lead other players, explore in-game possibilities, collaborate with the GM – and you’re likely to receive specifically targeted treasure, NPC allies, additional side quests, and even stories. It’s simple. Portal site participation counts too!  Answering questions and  providing input on Facebook should be done frequently and promptly – posting a response a week after the question was asked just isn’t cool for those trying to make decisions or solicit input. 
  4. Players need to Prep too. This isn’t just for GMs anymore – Be Prepared! Level your character, divvy up treasure, do some shopping, read up on the rules. All of these things should be done before coming to the gaming table. If you spend a whole session with your head buried in a book leveling your character after last session’s monster haul, I swear bad things will happen to you. AKAIf you haven’t done it before starting a session then it hasn’t happened

Social Contract Stuff

You know, in case you need specifics.

  1. Don’t be a jerk.  99.9% of everything on this list all revolves around not being a jerk. In case you are confused, being a jerk involves intentionally doing anything that takes away from the fun of anyone else at your table. Stealing another players cool gear without a mutual understanding first.  Killing another player’s character ‘just because’. If you think you might be acting like an asshole, then you probably are.  
  2. Rule #1: The GM’s word is law. GM fiat trumps any written or unwritten game rule.  Corollary 1: The GM shall not be a dick with Rule #1. Corollary 2: The payers shall forgive the GM if he unknowingly becomes a dick with Rule #1, then harass him mercilessly. 
  3. No drugs. We game at each other’s homes, with kids and spouses present. Keep that shit away.  Alcohol may be permitted, but check with the host first. Drink a beer, sure, but don’t get drunk. Vomit on my carpet and I guarantee you won’t get invited back.  Smoking? Check with the host. 
  4. Rape, abuse, generally anything sexually explicit, is better off avoided.  Look, I get it – this kind of stuff happens in the real world. Ask yourself – it it necessary? Then ask yourself – can I hint at a thing without getting all explicit and detailed? Then ask yourself – am I being a dick?  This kind of thing makes people very uncomfortable so you better tread lightly if you’re going to do it at all.
  5. Swearing. It’s going to happen. I do it, a lot, so you should expect it and it shouldn’t bother you.  I also know to shut it off when the kiddos come down to say goodnight to daddy, and you should too. 
  6. Disagreements. It is inevitable that they will happen when you get people together to play a game. This one is real simple: Act like a grown up, and don’t be a dick. If there is conflict between players that gets out of control, the GM can ( and will!) excuse you from the rest of the session so you can cool off.  If it’s an out of control rules dispute, then GM fiat wins at the table. See Rule #1. Talking about it afterward is perfectly legit,perhaps even resulting in a decision reversal. But don’t be a dick and hijack the rest of the session arguing.

House Rules

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